What’s said on the run… May 2007

What’s said on the run… May 2007

Great Ocean Road Marathon

After a wet and windy Saturday many runners were concerned about how tough this year’s Great Ocean Road Marathon was going to be.  The 45 kilometres along the Great Ocean Road is scenic, but hilly and exposed to the elements.The morning dawned fresh and still moist from the overnight rain.  A gentle breeze was blowing, but no sign of the rain from the day before.Our three intrepid marathoners faced up for the run ready for whatever came.  Throughout the event the wind shifted from a gentle tail wind to a gusty head wind, but the sunshine was welcome.Meanwhile our twelve almost as intrepid half marathoners (23k) started off in a big crowd at Kennett River, glad to be on the move after standing in the cold waiting for the gun. All of our runners finished in both events and most returned to the Pres’ apartment for a bbq on the balcony and a “couple” of celebratory drinks.



On the start line for the marathon

On the start line for the marathon

And did we have something to celebrate?  Denise Hearn was the first Knox Roadrunner home in the marathon and third woman outright.  It was sensational to see Denise on the podium in her KRR singlet.


Denise on the podium – check out that singlet

Denise on the podium – check out that singlet


Bryan Ackerley finished close behind Denise and Anja Kuippers crossed the line during the presentations to the loud cheers of the Roadrunners and the rest of the crowd.  A great first up effort.


2007 Great Ocean Road Marathon

Place Name Time
28 Denise Hearn 3.22.26
37 Bryan Ackerley 3.25.23
219 Anja Kuippers 4.24.42
2007 Great Ocean Road Half Marathon
Place Name Time
136 Milan Stanisic 1.44.53
143 Bruce Rattenbury 1.45.45
175 Gregory Palmer 1.47.20
176 Michael Bower 1.47.20
193 Anna D’Alberto 1.49.03
253 Kathy Souter 1.52.23
324 Peter White 1.56.47
343 Gavin Morton 1.57.51
353 John Signorini 1.58.30
392 David Thorn 2.00.08
579 Lesley Bower 2.11.30
699 Robert Sayers 2.24.32

Meanwhile in the half marathon Milan lead the KRR pack home and you will notice that Mr Bower and Mr Palmer crossed the line together.  Some say hand in hand?  Kathy Souter continued her great year with an excellent time and DT maintained his comeback.  Lesley Bower completed a very courageous run still suffering the after effects of the Paris Marathon.  And David Souter completed the 14k run on Saturday in 1.31.17.  Look out Kathy!

Off to Kennett River in the cold and dark

Off to Kennett River in the cold and dark

Valentines Weekend

For some reason we missed the report on our annual Valentines Weekend at Aireys Inlet.  This year was as good as ever with lots of laughs, great runs, food, drink and the peaceful relaxing location.

This year each of the three houses produced a production number for the Saturday night.  It was amazing to see the talented cyclists in the top house, Las Vegas dancers in the middle house and the unforgettable Vegemites in the lower house.

Happy little Vegemites

Happy little Vegemites


A report from Bryan Ackerley.  I was part of team 179. “Its only 2.37 Marathons!”  We completed Trailwalker in 10th place [5th as a complete team of four] in 13hrs 16 mins. Despite the organisers taking away a major section in the middle due to total fire ban and Mt Donna Buang at the end, it was still pretty difficult this year.  At one stage we were in 4th place but the heat was making things really hard.  I was told that it reached about 36 degrees!  One team member had problems with leg cramps for most of the second half of the event.  The heat was making me feel pretty sick too as time went on.In total there were 53 complete team retirements out of 592 total teams and 539 individual retirements out of 2,368 starters.  That’s almost 1/4 of participants pulling out somewhere on the trail.  At 36+ degrees for most of the day it was a tough one!As we were doing the last stage at nightfall the cool change came and it started bucketing.  The hills then became very muddy and slippery.  I couldn’t see the ground half the time because my cap torch was just lighting up the rain!

[The Retired Execs team was not as fortunate with both Peter Bignell and Tony Dineen being forced to retire along the way.  However Jeff Smith and Tom Boyd kept up a cracking pace to finish the race in 13hrs 13mins.]

Puffing Billy

A perfect day and a great turnout of Roadrunners filled the bus up to Belgrave.  Thanks again to Dave for giving up his Sunday to drive us.Some super efforts with many runners beating the 57 minute train.  All of the following runners completed the event:Anthony Boulton, Bryan Ackerley, David Black, Gerry Vendoorn, John Raskas, Alan Green, Mike Bower, Milan Stanisic, David Rolfe, Neil Woods, Grant Scurry, Peter & Hugh Forrest, Derek Dawkins, John Signorini, Gavin Morton, Nick Thompson, Nicole Diamond, Denise Hearn, Kathy Souter, Anna D’Alberto, Sean Hill, Helen Stanley, Kim Wright, Peter White and Craig Hearn.

Payment Due – New Uniforms

If you have ordered a new club singlet or t-shirt Neil will be happy to collect your money at the club or by post.  Singlet $30, short sleave t-shirt $35 and long sleeve t-shirt $45.

New Calendar

The new run calendar is available on the website and hard copies for your running bag are at the club.  Some runs to watch out for are:

The Red Nose Day Run – 30th June  Bring some cash to purchase red nose merchandise for a great cause.

City to Surf – 12th August See Mike for accommodation.  This is always a cracker of a weekend.

Carrum Biggie – 8th September Our long hit out before the marathon.  Remember that the long course runners must book in with an expected time before the day.

Trivia Night – Sat 2nd June

It is on again and there are still a few spots on tables.  See Neil at the club to book.Start boning up on your sports and general trivia knowledge for this great night.

The deal is byo food & drink.  Cost is $10 per head with chances to win some fantastic prizes.  This is our annual fund raiser to support our charities and help subsidise the club uniform costs.


Mike and Lesley have safely returned from their travels in Europe and their successful Paris Marathon. Apparently they left Lee Troop in their wake at the same time evading the wine and cheese tables along the way.


Whilst travelling through Dubai they came across another Knox Roadrunner who some members might still remember.

Bowers Dubai

Yes it is Bruce Edwards looking very well and enjoying the sunshine and the wine.

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