What’s said on the run… March 07

What’s said on the run… March 07


Seems like many Roadrunners are discovering the agonising delights of the ultra marathon. Once considered the realm of the eccentric, weird and crazy, we notice that some otherwise “normal” people are taking on the longer distances. The 42.19k of the marathon no longer delivers sufficient pain; they are seeking to break new boundaries of personal discomfort.

Cradle Mountain

Many have taken on the Overland track in Tasmania from Cradle Mountain to Lake St Claire. A very pleasant stroll over a few days, even carrying a heavy pack. Recently three intrepid Roadrunners decided that it would be great fun to run the 84 (or there abouts) kilometres of rocks, roots and boardwalk carrying all their own gear. A determined effort by our secretary Bret Butler, carrying a leg injury that has had him limping since last year’s Oxfam saw him finish in 12hrs 39mins. Our regular ultra man, Nick Thompson who can keep up the same pace all day finished just behind in 13hrs 4mins.

Bryan Ackerley who was looking like he was going to have a great time broke down and ended up in Hobart hospital. After an uncomfortable weekend of testing Bryan returned home feeling OK and has got back into running again. He thinks it was something he ate or drank.

 Six Foot Track

(Reported by Nick Thompson) I thought you may like to know what carnage (or not), went on last weekend at Katoomba in the 45k Six Foot Track run.We all had a really good time – where to start? Issy Bespalov won the ladies race, in 4:11 which was the 4th fastest time and the 3rd fastest woman in this event. There were around 890 starters this year in total!!! Denise Hearn did really well for a first timer with 4:55 being the 17th woman across the line, and 6th in category – very well done. Especially after a fall where she lost her watch and damaged her leg.Bryan Ackerley, took around 30mins off his PB, in 4:27 and had a very interesting time travelling up there – I’ll let him tell you the story, but he ended up with around 3hrs sleep the night before!!!


I managed 15min off my PB in 5:45, this makes 1hr off the first time, (I have completed the run 4 times now) –  so I’m happy with that. Another, notable fact was that Issy also beat Jackie Fairweather the triathlete and bronze medal holder in the Commonwealth Games, this was no minor achievement.

Levinia Petrie, a recent runner on our Saturday runs managed to take more than an HOUR off the record time for her age group. Despite running no further than 18k in her training runs.

Congratulations to all our ultra marathoners on great efforts in these events.

Smokey Dawson Run

Our run with the Smokey boys this year fell on St Patrick’s day. So it was fitting that there was plenty of Guinness for breakfast. The Kew boys outdid themselves with hospitality that included Irish whisky on the run and the long run having a short rest stop in St Patrick’s cathedral.

Whilst Smokey was claiming a draw, there were still four Roadrunners left as the last of the Kew boys drove off up the hill.


Spartans Run

After a great event last year we plan to hold another Spartans Run in the week before the Melbourne Marathon. To ensure that our records reflect your marathon running achievements since then, please send us an update on your successful marathons and the times recorded (including the 2006 Melbourne). Email to Mike Bower or let him know at the club. 

Upcoming Events

We are about to roll into the busy fun run time starting with Run for the Kids on Sunday, 1 April. Arrangements are for those wanting to car pool from the clubrooms to meet at 7.00am. For those going by themselves look out for the KRR singlets at the start. If you miss us there, we’ll catch up with you at the finish.Next event is Puffing Billy, Sunday 6 May. Entries can be left at the club with Young Heather or sent to the club address in the mail. As entries close on 19 April we will need to have your entry by Saturday 14 April. The club will enter teams as usual and arrange for a bus to take runners up to Belgrave and collect us at Emerald Lake afterwards. Our next event will be the Great Ocean Road Run, Sunday 20 May. This is a self help event where you enter yourself and arrange your own transport and accommodation. There are lots of Roadrunners going down for this event, so look to join with a few others for accommodation. There will be an after event BBQ (BYO everything) at the Pres’ accommodation after the run. 

To Paris with Love

The Vice Pres and his lovely bride, Lesley is off to tackle the Paris Marathon in April. Both have been training strongly for the event. Whilst away they will celebrate their wedding anniversary. No one realised just what a romantic Mike was. But he has set the bar very high for other husbands in the club to impress their wives for their anniversary. Paris – wow! And a marathon – double wow!! Or is that Ow!!! Have a lovely anniversary and a successful marathon Mike and Lesley. Mike is looking forward to the wine and cheese that is served on the run. 

New Uniforms

Out clever uniform team has sourced a new running singlet and t-shirt to purchase. Colours are the same, but the cut is different. All who have tried the samples at the club have been impressed. There is a list at the clubrooms to express interest in placing orders. Prices remain as with the last order:Singlet $30, short sleave t-shirt $35 and long sleeve t-shirt $45.Well done John, Kim and Nicole (with a little input from Mike). 

New Little Roadrunner

Janita, Todd and Indigo recently welcomed a new member to their family, baby Sari Miah (3.5kg). We think that Sari is more likely to be a sprinter than a distance runner as she arrived before Janita could leave home. A quick 30 minute birth at home was a surprise for Janita and a chance for Todd to use some of his professional nursing skills. After a short spell in Knox Private they are back home again, all fit and well.


Look out for..

Neil and Bret will again hold the club Trivia Night in June. Neil has been researching tricky trivia questions since the last one. It is a fun night to look forward to.

This year for the first time we will have a Red Nose run on Red Nose Day to raise money for SIDS.

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