What’s said on the run… September 06

What’s said on the run… September 06

September 06 – Edition 14

It is getting closer and the weekly miles are building in preparation for the major running event of the year for Knox Roadrunners – The Melbourne Marathon.

We have 21 starters for the 42k event this year and 9 starters for the 21k half marathon.It brings back memories for the veteran KRR members who can recall similar sized fields in the past.

These are the brave souls who will be fronting up in Social Teams for the club.As one or two can always fall by the wayside due to injury, illness or last minute commitments, feel free to call the Pres if you would also like to add your name (0419016286).

 Marathon  Half Marathon
 Issy Bespalov  Anna D’Alberto
 Denise Hearn  Helen Stanley
 Marie Kavanagh  Katherine Sharpe
 Peter Bignell  Greg Palmer
 Anthony Boulton  Sam Defanis
 Bruce Rattenbury  Peter Forrest
 Milan Stanisic  Neil Woods
 John Signorini  Heather White
 John Raskas  David Thorn
 Nicole Diamond  
 Mike Bower  
 Bret Butler  
 David Rolfe  
 Kathy Powell  
 Peter White  
 Grant Scurry  
 Steve Gilbert  
 Kathy Souter  
 Kim Wright  
 Sarah Hortin  
 Derek Dawkins  











The Spartan Run
Saturday 30 September – the week before the Melbourne Marathon will be HUGE at the club. We will celebrate all of the great marathon achievements by Roadrunners over the history of the marathon. Come down for a nice little 14k run and join in the celebration.  If you are not running at the moment, come anyway. Wear your Spartan singlet or marathon t-shirt

  • Bring your medals
  • Bring your marathon books
  • Bring your photos
  • Bring your stories

And meet:

  • Some Melbourne Marathon celebrities


  • Breakfast
  • Hearing of the remarkable achievements of some of our Roadrunners present & past

If you have ever run a Melbourne Marathon this morning is all about you. We have 17 Spartans who are present and past KRR members, as well as more than 50 who have run the event.

Original KRR Tracksuits @ Melbourne Marathon
Original KRR Tracksuits @ Melbourne Marathon

City to Surf
The weekend started at Cockle Bay wharf for lunch on the Saturday.  Sunshine, salad and coffee.  A ferry ride around the harbour and under the bridge was had by many.

Dinner at Amo Roma in The Rocks was excellent with 23 in attendance on one very long table.  This is where the weekend theme began.  The maitre d’ was a young Hungarian lady named Christina.  A pleasant query from Mike was “could we get some drinks pre dinner?”  The firm response was “NOT YET!”.

It was a night of Eastern European precision.  A great start.  In the room with us was a singles group organised by the personality deprived k’k’Ken.  Not too many pretty faces there.  Another highlight was the entrance of the girls from Bondi.  Anna danced in announcing that she had managed to negotiate a preferred start with the elites in the top 100 – wow!  Milan slumped in his chair.  Later whilst the cheesecake was being consumed Milan advised Anna that it might slow her race; she did not take another bite.  The scene was set.

Breakfast in the Presidential Suite was the way to begin Race Day.  The cork was staying in the bottle for now and the day was sensational.  From the suite, we had a “glimpse” of the bridge and Hyde Park.  The morning was cool and we all went to our various start points after obligatory team photos.  Mona started the race and it was it’s usual exciting self.  The Double Bay band had moved on from last years Beatles and was doing AC/DC.  Greenie zoomed past at the top of the Hill; in fact everyone zoomed past at some stage of the run.

Some great results by the rookies including Pete B, Bruce R, John & Glenda, Nick and Neil.  The Pres was a bit distressed at the end and Mike was delighted to ensure the Pres made it to the first aid tent but disappointed he didn’t need the drip.  It was a 2 minute improvement on last year based on 3 weeks of flu leading in.  Fantastic run by Anna in 60 minutes – a 4 minute PB.  Also a PB to Heather.  This year the top 3 all ran 60 minutes.  After the run we found our way into the surf club deli for lunch to end the experience.

The afternoon was not the usual nap.  Beer and bubbly flowed all afternoon. Dinner was in Chinatown followed by fine wine and birthday cake for Lesley & Milan in the Presidential Suite with the bridge glimpse.

Monday was the traditional Mosman Meander.  It’s a rave run, especially good is the look on the faces at Mosman Bay wharf as we get off the ferry for a jog around the harbour while the “suits” grumble their way to town to service the million dollar mortgage.  Breakfast at Doppios ended the group activity then off to the airport in limos arranged by the Pres.

Brunch At Darling Harbour
Brunch at Darling Harbour

Marathon Registration
Marathon runners have now been advised of the Knox Roadrunners team you are placed in so that you can then register online. Registration is cheaper over the web:


Early Bird entries must be in by 5pm Friday 8 September. We will not send your entries in this year – you will do it over the web. If you need assistance to do this, see Mike Bower or Peter White ASAP.

Gav & Rolfie at the end of the 2005 Melb Marathon

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