What’s said on the run… January 2008

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KRR Christmas Party

Helen and Denise organised a cracker of a party – as usual.  Music by Craig the DJ and dress-ups in red and green were sensational.  Was Gavin there as Cat in the Hat or maybe as Where’s Wally?  It was a great way for many club members to get together and celebrate the year.

Group Christmas 07 Resized

Bernie_Santa_Elf 07 Resized

Bryan_Gav 07 Resized

The formal part of the evening was the club’s two major awards:

Karen_Mike 07 Resized

Karen receives her award & a hug from the Pres

Greg Palmer Most Improved awarded to Bryan Ackerly.  There were many great performances by members this year but Bryan was exceptional.  Bryan had top performances at Ultra events, a 55min Run for the Kids, his Olympic Dream 10k debut in 36min and the best of the lot being a 20min improvement to run the Melbourne Marathon in 2:54 – the first KRR marathon runner under 3 hours in many years.  Bryan also did the most unpopular onbacks in the history of the club pretty well all year.  We have almost had enough of his grinning zooming onbacks – look out “Tigger”.

Greg Palmer, Bryan & the Pres

Greg Palmer, Bryan & the Pres

A Special Gratitude Award was made to Dave Weedon.  Big Dave is a special KRR.  Even though he suffered a major medical scare early in the year, Dave continued his exceptional support of other members by providing bus transport for Puffing Billy and the Carrum run.  He does these and the Marathon every year for no charge and this is a greatly appreciated morale booster for the club.  Dave’s award was a mounted bus engraved with our thanks.

Big Dave receives his well earned award

Big Dave receives his well earned award

KRR 1000th Run

Our return to the Bayswater clubroom is Saturday 2 February.  This will be the official 1000th run of the club and will also celebrate our 21st birthday as a club – a fantastic achievement by us as a community based self help organisation.  Put the date into your diary now.  We will do our standard Club Hotel 14km run from 6.00am and follow it with a BBQ at Bayswater Park from 7:45am for all members, their families and former members.  Come along and run or just come along to chat, but be there!  Invite any former members you know.

Valentines Weekend

Begins Friday 8 February and this year you can stay up to 3 nights.  Helen will distribute details early in the New Year.  The format will follow the tradition set in previous years.  This is one of the great social weekends of the year.  Come with your partner or come alone – you will have a ball.  Usual meeting at the Fairhaven SLSC for tea on Friday, run through the Angahook State Park on Saturday and dinner on Saturday night are just some of the regular treats.  What will Helen have arranged for the Saturday night this year?  Don’t be shy just get in quick for your spot.  We will attempt to book the same three houses again this year.

Heather White Fun Run

The 14th running of the Heather White Fun Run was conducted on 8th December by our magnificent hostess Heather – ably supported by her husband and two Labs George & Sally.  A great day was had with many dressed in the Handyman theme – none better than Marie.  The annual Barry Boyd trophy was won by Heather herself for her hospitality for the 14th consecutive year.  A close second was Peter Forest for being in the Ladies Half Marathon trophy team.

Doc 07 Resized

The Kepler Challenge

Bryan Ackerly competed in the Kepler Challenge on 1st December. This is a 60km mountain run in the south island of New Zealand in country used for Lord of the Rings.  Janita also did this run a few years ago.  The scenery is stunning as are the mountain climbs involved.  Bryan ran 6:38:11 and finished 44th out of 400.  Kepler is the “premier New Zealand mountain race” held annually near Lake Te Anau in the fjord land area of the South Island near Milford Sound.  [Check out the scenery on this awesome event at www.keplerchallenge.co.nz]

Your New Committee

At our AGM in October a new look committee lead by Mike Bower as the new club president was voted in.  The new committee members are:

Bret Butler – Vice President

Neil Woods – Treasurer

Peter White – Secretary / Newsletter

Gavin Morton – Public Officer \ Events

Anthony Boulton – Safety Officer

Kim Wright – Events

Helen Stanley – Social / Newsletter

John Signorini – Uniforms

Nicole Diamond – Uniforms

What’s said on the run… September 2007

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City to Surf ‘07

Once more an intrepid band of runners ventured north to “Sin City” to run the famous City to Surf and sample some of the pleasures offered in Australia’s largest city. From all reports this year was the best so far. Mike Bower did his usual fantastic job of arranging the logistics and we again invaded the quiet marble halls and rooms of the Meriton Rialto on Pitt Street. The early travellers started to arrive on Friday and the group was complete when Ute & Gavin arrived after coaching their basketball team on Saturday. The weather for the weekend was sensational, warm, but not too hot. Dinner on Saturday night was at the Blackbird Café, Cockle Bay Wharf, Darling Harbour. A loud, funky venue with lots of “doof, doof” music and pumping with lots of action. Including belly dancers; lots of them. The food was cheap and cheerful and we had a quiet night with our minds on the big event next morning. The run was magnificent with great weather, big crowds and the usual bands along the way. This year we seemed to have quite a few sickies and injured so there weren’t the number of PBs that we had last year. Although the run back to the city after was probably the highlight of the weekend due to stops at a couple of pubs along the way. Even the sickies seemed to perk up with a beer or a Guinness. Dinner that evening was at a bar at the Rocks, a supremely funky venue with the now expected “doof, doof” music. After a bite and a drink it was back to the Meriton to party on in the Treasurer’s room until “those who won’t go home” were evicted by the residents. Well done to the carpet cleaning team who did wonders in removing the red wine from the carpet. Lovely morning next day for the Mosman Meander, a great cure for a hangover. Then breakfast at the café opposite the hotel before returning home. Some stayed on to do the Bridge Walk, while others returned home to recover and get back to work.



  Time Place  
Issy Bespalov 57.46 599  
Anna D’Alberto 63.04 1381 Injured
Milan Stanisic 65.54 2056  
Bruce Rattenbury 66.22 2182 Sick
Denise Hearn 68.2 2852 Injured
Neil Woods 68.25 2876 PB
Alan Green 69.09 3150  
Greg Palmer 69.28 3286 Sick
Peter White 70.18 3651 PB
Mike Bower 70.53 3927 Sick
Nicole Diamond 73.2 5123 Injured
Nick Thompson 74.16 5647  
Glenda Signorini 74.16 5647 PB
Kim Wright 74.21 5689  
Gavin Morton 75.35 6320  
David Rolfe 76.13 6637  
Lesley Bower 78.17 7711 Injured
John Signorini 79.53 8615 Sick
Craig Hearn 81.53 9664  
Heather White 93.09 16345  


KRR placed well in the Interstate Teams category. 3rd in the men’s and 1st & 2nd in the women’s.

Men’s Team: Milan Stanisic & Bruce Rattenbury

Women’s Teams: 1st Issy Bespalov & Denise Hearn 2nd Nicole Diamond & Glenda Signorin


Our City to Surf Runners

Our City to Surf Runners

Pete White & David Rolfe - 20 marathons each

Pete White & David Rolfe – 20 marathons each

John Signorini nearing the end

John Signorini nearing the end

Doing it easy .... NOT

Doing it easy …. NOT

Kim Wright .. doing it easy. YES!!

Kim Wright .. doing it easy. YES!!

John Raskas’ Birthday

Just in case you missed it John Raskas turned sixty on the 31st August. Our Kokoda trekking adventurer neither looks nor acts his age. He celebrated the occasion at the Banks Rowing Club with family, friends and a large contingent of Knox Roadrunners. The theme for the night was Sydney Gay Mardi Gras. It inspired some weird and wonderful costumes. Happy Birthday John.


John in leather

Rhonda, Neil, Denise, Karen, David

Rhonda, Neil, Denise, Karen, David

Ute, Gav, David, Bridget, Marie, Karen, Mike

Ute, Gav, David, Bridget, Marie, Karen, Mike

Issy Stars in the Mountains

After a fundraising effort by members of KRR we managed to help Issy Bespalov to travel to Switzerland to represent Australia in the World Mountain Running Championships in Jungfrau. Issy completed the Jungrau Marathon as one of 4,285
Issy’s results
Finished in 3:48:56
13th female of 822
128th overall of 4,285
Only 25 women broke 4 hoursThis is a mountain run that involves climbing to altitudes close to 3,000m.  Compare this to Falls Creek Village where Craig Mottram trains at altitude 1,600m.
Issy had a running battle throughout the event with Australian Olympian and Commonwealth Games medallist in the Marathon (Manchester) Jackie Fairweather (Marathon PB 2:32) just as she did at the Six Foot Track race this year.  The race went this way:
@ 21.1k Issy trailed Jackie by 4:11
@ 30.3k trailed by 5:09
@ 37.9k trailed by 2:14
@ 42.195k won by 1:23
Jackie was 14th woman and 129th overall.  Jackie was written up as one of the special elites and international champions invited to Switzerland. How good does that make our Issy? Congratulations Issy, now for the Melbourne Marathon. 

Nick’s 100k Around the Tan

Our intrepid ultra runner Nick Thompson arranged a 100k run around the Tan and when no one else turned up, completed it on his own.He was targeting a 25min lap. Here are his times:
Start Time:  7:00:00 AM
Tan Lap 3.85 Km
100k of laps @ 25.97 Overall time:
11:53Read a full report at


Melbourne Marathon 07

A perfect day, great course and a finish on the world famous MCG. How could anyone not enjoy that? Well, we did have a few carrying injuries and despite the conditions not everyone finished full of running. But a great day on the course was topped off with a lovely lunch and the chance to share the war stories at Paesano’s restaurant afterwards.

Knox Roadrunners Marathoners

Knox Roadrunners Marathoners


Bryan Ackerly 2:54:34
Marie Kavanagh 3:12:24
Michelle Tham 3:13:13
Mike Bower 3:29:58
Denise Hearn 3:32:52
Bret Butler 3:42:28
Rob Lewis 3:42:40
John Raskas 3:43:53
Kathy Souter 3:43:54
Chris White 3:48:35
Neil Woods 3:53:10
Peter Bignell 3:56:19
Greg Palmer 3:58:18
John Signorini 4:02:05
Grant Scurry 4:02:23
Kim Wright 4:07:46
Lesley Bower 4:08:21
Peter White 4:11:55
Gavin Morton 4:13:48
David Rolfe 4:16:22
Milan Stanisic 4:33:09
Sarah Hortin 4:36:15


Paul Souter 1:29:24
James Nally 1:33:45
James Souter 1:44:34
Helen Stanley 1:45:10
Craig Hearn 1:46:54
Steve Harris 1:47:55
Derek Dawkins 1:49:40
Peter Forrest 1:52:51
Leigh Melbourne 1:52:59
David Thorn 1:54:01
David Souter 2:11:33
Heather White 2:28:43
Carol Ludington 3:08:00



What’s said on the run… May 2007

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Great Ocean Road Marathon

After a wet and windy Saturday many runners were concerned about how tough this year’s Great Ocean Road Marathon was going to be.  The 45 kilometres along the Great Ocean Road is scenic, but hilly and exposed to the elements.The morning dawned fresh and still moist from the overnight rain.  A gentle breeze was blowing, but no sign of the rain from the day before.Our three intrepid marathoners faced up for the run ready for whatever came.  Throughout the event the wind shifted from a gentle tail wind to a gusty head wind, but the sunshine was welcome.Meanwhile our twelve almost as intrepid half marathoners (23k) started off in a big crowd at Kennett River, glad to be on the move after standing in the cold waiting for the gun. All of our runners finished in both events and most returned to the Pres’ apartment for a bbq on the balcony and a “couple” of celebratory drinks.



On the start line for the marathon

On the start line for the marathon

And did we have something to celebrate?  Denise Hearn was the first Knox Roadrunner home in the marathon and third woman outright.  It was sensational to see Denise on the podium in her KRR singlet.


Denise on the podium – check out that singlet

Denise on the podium – check out that singlet


Bryan Ackerley finished close behind Denise and Anja Kuippers crossed the line during the presentations to the loud cheers of the Roadrunners and the rest of the crowd.  A great first up effort.


2007 Great Ocean Road Marathon

Place Name Time
28 Denise Hearn 3.22.26
37 Bryan Ackerley 3.25.23
219 Anja Kuippers 4.24.42
2007 Great Ocean Road Half Marathon
Place Name Time
136 Milan Stanisic 1.44.53
143 Bruce Rattenbury 1.45.45
175 Gregory Palmer 1.47.20
176 Michael Bower 1.47.20
193 Anna D’Alberto 1.49.03
253 Kathy Souter 1.52.23
324 Peter White 1.56.47
343 Gavin Morton 1.57.51
353 John Signorini 1.58.30
392 David Thorn 2.00.08
579 Lesley Bower 2.11.30
699 Robert Sayers 2.24.32

Meanwhile in the half marathon Milan lead the KRR pack home and you will notice that Mr Bower and Mr Palmer crossed the line together.  Some say hand in hand?  Kathy Souter continued her great year with an excellent time and DT maintained his comeback.  Lesley Bower completed a very courageous run still suffering the after effects of the Paris Marathon.  And David Souter completed the 14k run on Saturday in 1.31.17.  Look out Kathy!

Off to Kennett River in the cold and dark

Off to Kennett River in the cold and dark

Valentines Weekend

For some reason we missed the report on our annual Valentines Weekend at Aireys Inlet.  This year was as good as ever with lots of laughs, great runs, food, drink and the peaceful relaxing location.

This year each of the three houses produced a production number for the Saturday night.  It was amazing to see the talented cyclists in the top house, Las Vegas dancers in the middle house and the unforgettable Vegemites in the lower house.

Happy little Vegemites

Happy little Vegemites


A report from Bryan Ackerley.  I was part of team 179. “Its only 2.37 Marathons!”  We completed Trailwalker in 10th place [5th as a complete team of four] in 13hrs 16 mins. Despite the organisers taking away a major section in the middle due to total fire ban and Mt Donna Buang at the end, it was still pretty difficult this year.  At one stage we were in 4th place but the heat was making things really hard.  I was told that it reached about 36 degrees!  One team member had problems with leg cramps for most of the second half of the event.  The heat was making me feel pretty sick too as time went on.In total there were 53 complete team retirements out of 592 total teams and 539 individual retirements out of 2,368 starters.  That’s almost 1/4 of participants pulling out somewhere on the trail.  At 36+ degrees for most of the day it was a tough one!As we were doing the last stage at nightfall the cool change came and it started bucketing.  The hills then became very muddy and slippery.  I couldn’t see the ground half the time because my cap torch was just lighting up the rain!

[The Retired Execs team was not as fortunate with both Peter Bignell and Tony Dineen being forced to retire along the way.  However Jeff Smith and Tom Boyd kept up a cracking pace to finish the race in 13hrs 13mins.]

Puffing Billy

A perfect day and a great turnout of Roadrunners filled the bus up to Belgrave.  Thanks again to Dave for giving up his Sunday to drive us.Some super efforts with many runners beating the 57 minute train.  All of the following runners completed the event:Anthony Boulton, Bryan Ackerley, David Black, Gerry Vendoorn, John Raskas, Alan Green, Mike Bower, Milan Stanisic, David Rolfe, Neil Woods, Grant Scurry, Peter & Hugh Forrest, Derek Dawkins, John Signorini, Gavin Morton, Nick Thompson, Nicole Diamond, Denise Hearn, Kathy Souter, Anna D’Alberto, Sean Hill, Helen Stanley, Kim Wright, Peter White and Craig Hearn.

Payment Due – New Uniforms

If you have ordered a new club singlet or t-shirt Neil will be happy to collect your money at the club or by post.  Singlet $30, short sleave t-shirt $35 and long sleeve t-shirt $45.

New Calendar

The new run calendar is available on the website and hard copies for your running bag are at the club.  Some runs to watch out for are:

The Red Nose Day Run – 30th June  Bring some cash to purchase red nose merchandise for a great cause.

City to Surf – 12th August See Mike for accommodation.  This is always a cracker of a weekend.

Carrum Biggie – 8th September Our long hit out before the marathon.  Remember that the long course runners must book in with an expected time before the day.

Trivia Night – Sat 2nd June

It is on again and there are still a few spots on tables.  See Neil at the club to book.Start boning up on your sports and general trivia knowledge for this great night.

The deal is byo food & drink.  Cost is $10 per head with chances to win some fantastic prizes.  This is our annual fund raiser to support our charities and help subsidise the club uniform costs.


Mike and Lesley have safely returned from their travels in Europe and their successful Paris Marathon. Apparently they left Lee Troop in their wake at the same time evading the wine and cheese tables along the way.


Whilst travelling through Dubai they came across another Knox Roadrunner who some members might still remember.

Bowers Dubai

Yes it is Bruce Edwards looking very well and enjoying the sunshine and the wine.

What’s said on the run… March 07

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Seems like many Roadrunners are discovering the agonising delights of the ultra marathon. Once considered the realm of the eccentric, weird and crazy, we notice that some otherwise “normal” people are taking on the longer distances. The 42.19k of the marathon no longer delivers sufficient pain; they are seeking to break new boundaries of personal discomfort.

Cradle Mountain

Many have taken on the Overland track in Tasmania from Cradle Mountain to Lake St Claire. A very pleasant stroll over a few days, even carrying a heavy pack. Recently three intrepid Roadrunners decided that it would be great fun to run the 84 (or there abouts) kilometres of rocks, roots and boardwalk carrying all their own gear. A determined effort by our secretary Bret Butler, carrying a leg injury that has had him limping since last year’s Oxfam saw him finish in 12hrs 39mins. Our regular ultra man, Nick Thompson who can keep up the same pace all day finished just behind in 13hrs 4mins.

Bryan Ackerley who was looking like he was going to have a great time broke down and ended up in Hobart hospital. After an uncomfortable weekend of testing Bryan returned home feeling OK and has got back into running again. He thinks it was something he ate or drank.

 Six Foot Track

(Reported by Nick Thompson) I thought you may like to know what carnage (or not), went on last weekend at Katoomba in the 45k Six Foot Track run.We all had a really good time – where to start? Issy Bespalov won the ladies race, in 4:11 which was the 4th fastest time and the 3rd fastest woman in this event. There were around 890 starters this year in total!!! Denise Hearn did really well for a first timer with 4:55 being the 17th woman across the line, and 6th in category – very well done. Especially after a fall where she lost her watch and damaged her leg.Bryan Ackerley, took around 30mins off his PB, in 4:27 and had a very interesting time travelling up there – I’ll let him tell you the story, but he ended up with around 3hrs sleep the night before!!!


I managed 15min off my PB in 5:45, this makes 1hr off the first time, (I have completed the run 4 times now) –  so I’m happy with that. Another, notable fact was that Issy also beat Jackie Fairweather the triathlete and bronze medal holder in the Commonwealth Games, this was no minor achievement.

Levinia Petrie, a recent runner on our Saturday runs managed to take more than an HOUR off the record time for her age group. Despite running no further than 18k in her training runs.

Congratulations to all our ultra marathoners on great efforts in these events.

Smokey Dawson Run

Our run with the Smokey boys this year fell on St Patrick’s day. So it was fitting that there was plenty of Guinness for breakfast. The Kew boys outdid themselves with hospitality that included Irish whisky on the run and the long run having a short rest stop in St Patrick’s cathedral.

Whilst Smokey was claiming a draw, there were still four Roadrunners left as the last of the Kew boys drove off up the hill.


Spartans Run

After a great event last year we plan to hold another Spartans Run in the week before the Melbourne Marathon. To ensure that our records reflect your marathon running achievements since then, please send us an update on your successful marathons and the times recorded (including the 2006 Melbourne). Email to Mike Bower or let him know at the club. 

Upcoming Events

We are about to roll into the busy fun run time starting with Run for the Kids on Sunday, 1 April. Arrangements are for those wanting to car pool from the clubrooms to meet at 7.00am. For those going by themselves look out for the KRR singlets at the start. If you miss us there, we’ll catch up with you at the finish.Next event is Puffing Billy, Sunday 6 May. Entries can be left at the club with Young Heather or sent to the club address in the mail. As entries close on 19 April we will need to have your entry by Saturday 14 April. The club will enter teams as usual and arrange for a bus to take runners up to Belgrave and collect us at Emerald Lake afterwards. Our next event will be the Great Ocean Road Run, Sunday 20 May. This is a self help event where you enter yourself and arrange your own transport and accommodation. There are lots of Roadrunners going down for this event, so look to join with a few others for accommodation. There will be an after event BBQ (BYO everything) at the Pres’ accommodation after the run. 

To Paris with Love

The Vice Pres and his lovely bride, Lesley is off to tackle the Paris Marathon in April. Both have been training strongly for the event. Whilst away they will celebrate their wedding anniversary. No one realised just what a romantic Mike was. But he has set the bar very high for other husbands in the club to impress their wives for their anniversary. Paris – wow! And a marathon – double wow!! Or is that Ow!!! Have a lovely anniversary and a successful marathon Mike and Lesley. Mike is looking forward to the wine and cheese that is served on the run. 

New Uniforms

Out clever uniform team has sourced a new running singlet and t-shirt to purchase. Colours are the same, but the cut is different. All who have tried the samples at the club have been impressed. There is a list at the clubrooms to express interest in placing orders. Prices remain as with the last order:Singlet $30, short sleave t-shirt $35 and long sleeve t-shirt $45.Well done John, Kim and Nicole (with a little input from Mike). 

New Little Roadrunner

Janita, Todd and Indigo recently welcomed a new member to their family, baby Sari Miah (3.5kg). We think that Sari is more likely to be a sprinter than a distance runner as she arrived before Janita could leave home. A quick 30 minute birth at home was a surprise for Janita and a chance for Todd to use some of his professional nursing skills. After a short spell in Knox Private they are back home again, all fit and well.


Look out for..

Neil and Bret will again hold the club Trivia Night in June. Neil has been researching tricky trivia questions since the last one. It is a fun night to look forward to.

This year for the first time we will have a Red Nose run on Red Nose Day to raise money for SIDS.

What’s said on the run… January 07

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January 07 – Edition 16

Happy New Year

We hope that everyone at KRR has a safe and happy New Year. Looking forward to some more PBs in 2007, running faster, feeling fitter or simply still running. May everyone have an injury free year and enjoy their running. The start of a new year is always a time to review the past year and set some goals for the next. In 2006 the members of the club had many fine achievements. The following list covers some. I apologise for those that I have surely missed. A great year and very well done everyone.

Issy Bespalov

2nd Woman Great Ocean Rd Marathon 3:17:10.0 (45k) 3:02:48.2 (42k) 6th Woman Melbourne Marathon 3:01:05

Lesley Bower

1st Age Group Great Ocean Road Half Marathon 1:59:14.0 (23k) 1:48:59.1 (21k) 3rd Interstate & Overseas Women’s Team City to Surf (also Young Heather White)

Anna D’Alberto, Helen Stanley, Michelle Tham

2nd Social Team Melbourne Half Marathon

Issy Bespalov, Denise Hearn, Marie Kavanagh

1st Social Team Melbourne Marathon

Milan Stanisic, John Signorini, John Raskas

3rd Social Team Melbourne Marathon

Katherine Sharpe, Sarah Hortin, Grant Scurry, Derek Dawkins

Completed first marathon


Return to form in Melbourne Half Marathon 1:49:37 (Go DT, great to see you back as a force at KRR)

Dave Black

Just running after his massive accident, but running in sensational form leading the pack

Bruce Rattenbury

Marathon PB in Melbourne Marathon 3:23:20

Greg Palmer

Returning from injury 48.51 in Olympic Dream

Kim Wright, Denise Hearn, Anna D’Alberto, Bret Butler

Oxfam Run – fastest team from KRR to all complete the event – 15.54

Anna D’Alberto

60 mins in City to Surf (4 minute PB)

City to Surf

Nearly everyone ran a PB


Bruce Rattenbury

60:24 PB

Anna D’Alberto

60:34 PB

Pete Bignell

60:43 PB

John Signorini

68:52 PB

Pete White

72:35 PB

Glenda Signorini

72:41 PB

Nick Thompson

72:55 PB

Neil Woods

74:53 PB

Lesley Bower

75:46 PB

Heather White

85:41 PB

Angela Palmer

147:01 PB

Marie Stanisic

156:46 PB

So in 2007 we are looking forward to even more PBs, some sub 3 marathons and the return of the Retired Executives to Oxfam in the Fourtone team trying to grab the club Oxfam record.The Run for the Kids and the Great Ocean Road Marathon will become traditions and all of the regular runs will be back.
See you all on the track on Saturdays.

Christmas Lunch & Club Awards

Helen did her usual great job of arranging the venue for our Christmas Lunch at the Royal Hotel once more.  We had 55 members and guests for lunch and that kept the place very noisy with all the excited chatter.
After lunch we presented the 2006 club awards. 

2006 5

The Leo Rooney Award for the Best Club Person was unanimously awarded to Dave Weedon for his fantastic support in arranging and driving the bus for events throughout the year.

Dave did such a good job that he turned up with the bus for the Carrum Biggie despite the Pres & Vice Pres both thinking the other had arranged with Dave to drive the bus.  Neither had of course!!   The Greg Palmer Award for the Most Improved Runner was awarded for the first time in Greg’s name.  In a year of so many amazing performances it was a difficult choice with the committee nominating six different members.  The winner was Sarah Hortin for her incredible effort of starting in January unable to run 10k and by October completing the Melbourne Marathon.  Sarah trained hard with the club almost every week and stuck religiously to her game plan.  Well done Sarah.  


Kris Kringle
Our annual Kris Kringle had some “interesting” items this year.  The concept requires participants to draw a name out of the hat and purchase a gift of no more than $10 and write a short, offensive, humorous poem to the recipient that they receive anonymously.  One of the highlights this year was the nodding dog to go in the back seat of Jim McGregor’s Jaguar.  A classy item that he will no doubt place there with pride.
The Pres got his usual derogatory mention in the Lady Pres’ poem, but the person who wrote the Pres’ poem managed to besmirch both the Pres himself and the Vice Pres.  (We think that the Vice Pres had slunk away to Point Lonsdale to avoid the Kris Kringle, but there is just no escape.  Queer that!)

Summer Running School

Our summer running series commenced this week and will continue until the end of January.  These are a series of away runs from various locations followed by breakfast.

Sweat vs Steam

Grant Scurry says that he  was thinking of the Olympic Dream runners as he was sweating it out against the Paddle steamer “Adelaide” up at Echuca in the Sweat V’s Steam fun run.  Not a bad little event run over dirt tracks along the Murray and through the Port of Echuca. Distance is 13km or a 5km event. Very laid back but well organised. You picked up your race bib at the Shamrock Hotel on Saturday (very dangerous).  Its organised by the Echuca YMCA.  Plenty of drink stations along the route which were welcome, as it was pretty warm by the 8.00am start.  Massages after the event and bacon and eggs if desired.The Adelaide came in at 59min and Grant come in at 63min.  


Heather White Fun Run

The Heather White was run with a smaller crowd than usual.  The dress theme of a “legend” was obviously the challenge that kept runners away.  However a few brave souls dressed up and after a difficult run in heat and smoke from the bush fires we kicked back for a DT cooked breakfast.The winner of the prestigious Barry Boyd Award went to Fran Stone for her amazing appearance as Tina Turner.  Some of those voting also thought she deserved it for her choice of running companion.  Karen agreed, then asked who that was!!


Barry Boyd winner, Fran Stone joined by her running companion, Karen Cosson as well as Lesley Bower and Heather White


What’s said on the run… November 06

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November 06 – Edition 15

Welcome Back


A great big welcome back to Michelle and Anthony Tham.  After 5 years in Edinburgh they have returned to Roadrunners and it seems like they haven’t been away. Both appear to be even more accomplished athletes from their travels and will give some of us a bit of a challenge on the tracks. They are currently alternating each week with one at home looking after the kids.

Thirty hardy souls attended the AGM and returned your previous executive to the committee.  Peter White is pres again (his last year), Mike Bower, vice pres, Bret Butler, secretary and Neil Woods, treasurer.  Your new committee includes: Gavin Morton, Kim Wright, John Signorini, Heather White and Nicole Diamond.  Nice to see our female members well represented.

Sincere thanks to Peter Bignell, Peter Vince, Karen Cosson and Peter Forest who retired from the committee after some great service.  Peter Forrest remains as our public officer.

We voted to increase our annual fee to $30.  The extra $5 being allocated to our charities.  We also decided to extend the criteria to charity or worthy cause for our annual donation.

Three options for our charity donation were suggested for the committee to review.  See the committee’s decision on this under Charities in this edition.

New Committee Roles
Your new committee has managed to divide the various roles so that the important tasks around the club can be taken care of.  The new committee members all “volunteering” to take something on:
Safety Officer – Peter White
Event Organiser – Heather White
Drinks Co-ordinator – Kim Wright
Calendar Manager – Mike Bower
Kris Kringle Organiser – Neil Woods
Uniforms Organisers – Nicole Diamond & John Signorini
Newsletter – Peter White
Kim Wright is your contact if you can’t make your rostered drinks day and have arranged a swap with someone else.

Sarah Hortin’s husband, Anthony has very kindly offered to design a website for the club and has arranged for it to be hosted free of charge.  This is an extremely generous offer and we are pleased to accept.  Neil Woods is working with Anthony to finalise the setup and we will soon let you know how you can access the site.  It will include club information, contact details, our current run calendar and the latest and previous newsletters.  We aim to keep it simple to maintain.

Portobello Running Club
We are currently investigating a sister club arrangement with Michelle Tham’s Edinburgh running club.  They have a lot of similarities with KRR and we think that we can exchange ideas and information, as well as host travellers from the other club.  And of course visit them when we holiday in Edinburgh.
If you would like to check them out, you can look at their website at:  portobellorunners.co.uk
Charities 2006 – 2007
Your committee has agreed to make the following donations this club year:

Irabina – $1,000
We agreed that it was a very worthy cause, being a group that does great work with autistic kids.

We also agreed to give $500 to local disabled athlete Brydee Moore, a chance at great things in athletics.


Brydee is 16 years old and has Cerebal Palsy.  She is a very dedicated athlete and puts a lot of commitment into her training and competitions.  She has been selected for the 2006 FESPIC games held in November at Kuala Lumpur competing seated in Shotput, Discus and Javelin.  She needs to attend these games to enable her to gain selection to the 2008 Beijing Paralympic games. She is currently 2nd in the world for Seated Shotput and is confident of winning medals at the 2006 games.  Brydee has sought financial support for her participation in the FESPIC games in November.

Follow Brydee’s achievements in the FESPIC Games at FESPIC Games 2006

Brydee’s Achievements include…
Captain of 2005 junior national games
Wheelchair Sports Victoria Best female athlete 2004
Wheelchair Sports Victoria Best female athlete 2005
Qualified for Athens Paralympic games 2004(but was unable to attend as she was only 13 years old)
22 gold medals, 2 silver medal 3 bronze medals in Athletics
Silver medal in wheelchair basketball 2003
Silver medal wheelchair rugby 2005
Bronze medal wheelchair rugby 2004 & 2005
Best low pointer for wheelchair rugby 2005
Holds 13Australian junior records

Wow, what a record already.  We hope our donation will help her achieve more.  We will use our additional membership fee plus a charge of $5 per runner to enter the 2007 Heather White Fun Run to fund this sponsorship.

Red Nose Run
We plan to hold a Red Nose Run in 2007 to raise money for the SIDS and Kids charity.  Their support group provided great assistance to Sarah Hortin when she lost two babies last year.  We will be selling red noses and other SIDS merchandise before the run.
Web Site: Red Nose Day 2007

2005 – 06 in Retrospect
Our success on runs this year went mostly to the girls, Issy Bespalov taking out 2nd woman in the Great Ocean Road Marathon and Lesley Bower winning her age group in the Great Ocean Road Half Marathon.  In the biggie, the Melbourne Marathon, our team of Issy Bespalov, Denise Hearn and Marie Kavanagh won the Social Team category with our guy’s team, Milan Stanisic, John Signorini and John Raskas coming in third.  In the Half Marathon Anna D’Alberto, Helen Stanley and Michelle Tham were second Social Team.

These great results were supported by numerous individual PBs throughout the year.  Particularly in the City to Surf where a large contingent of Knox Roadrunners invaded Sydney and ran tremendously well.  As a club we have competed this year in the Great Ocean Road Marathon, City to Surf, Melbourne Marathon, Puffing Billy, Olympic Dream, Run for the Kids, Run to the G and Oxfam Trailwalker.

Spartan’s Run


Gerry, Derek and Helen joined around fifty Roadrunners for our recent Spartans Run.  We learned about the history of Melbourne Marathon and the Spartans Club from Ted Paulin and John Dean.  Lots of our runners arrived with medals and memorabilia.  A great morning with lots of nostalgia.  Oh how great we were.

Singlets & T-shirts
Got an old KRR singlet you aren’t using.  How about bringing it down for new members who don’t have one yet?

Spartans Run… September 06

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Knox Road Runners has been in existence for almost 20 years and has conducted more than 900 scheduled runs.  Whilst we all run for a variety of reasons, our “main event” has always been the Melbourne Marathon.  This report captures the Marathon records of our members for the enjoyment of all members.  Read, enjoy and be motivated by the achievements of your fellow runners over many years.  It needs strength of mind and body to achieve one completed Marathon, but to earn your “Spartan” status is something special.


2005 Melbourne Marathon & Half Runners

Over the years Knox Roadrunners has regularly had strong teams in the Social section of the marathon.  On a number of occasions we have collected trophies.

In recent years those entering the half have outweighed the number of runners in the marathon.

But 2006 represents a resurgence in the longer event.  We have 20 runners entered in the marathon this year.  Good luck to all our runners.


2004 Melbourne Marathon & Half Runners
2004 Melbourne Marathon & Half Runners

1990- 21 Famous Faces – How many can you name?
All Marathon runners (Except for Leo, of course)


Name # Melb
Years Best Time # Other
Chas McCrae 20 S052 78,
2:57  23 1st 20 Melbourne
John Raskas 18 S142 79-91,
2:54 0 13 straight.
Nothing but Melbourne
Greg Palmer 16 S489 81-83,
89-95, 98,
2:48  8 1 x Canberra
7 various Vic
Dave Rolfe 16 S764 88-2000, 02-04  2:54 2 13 straight.
World Vets 1987
Jeff Smith 14 S500 83,
2:37 13 16 marathons under 2:49
23 sub 3hr
6 x Traralgon
10 ultras
30 halves – 14 sub 80m
7x sub 50m
Puffing Billy
Peter Vince 14 S935 91-93, 95-2000 3:39 6 New York 1999
Sydney 2000
11 straight Melb
Milan Stanisic 14 S933 89-04 3:03 0  
Phil Kenington 13 S894 91-03 2:57 12 13 straight
8 Traralgon
Sydney 2000
Jim McGregor 13 + 1 dnf S337 80-93 3:00 8 14 straight
Mita @ Olympic Park (PB)
Alan White 13 S512   3:04 0  
Steve Kelly 11 S925 89-98, 01 3:17 3 Perth x 2
Sean Hill 11   92-04 3:02 0  
Sam Defanis 10 S885  88-95,
2:51 13 Masters World Champs Brisbane 2001
Dave Gaffaney 10 S806 89-98 2:37 10 Rotorua 1967
Peter White 10 S603 80-81,
2:57 8 Mita PB 1985
Sydney 2000
Halls Gap
South Melbourne
Karen Cosson 10 SF29 88-98 4:03 0  
Fran Stone 10 SF27 88-97 4:05 0  
Tom Boyd 10 S972        


That Pheidippides ran from Marathon to Athens to announce a battle victory over the Persians.  Pheidippides was certainly an Athenian messenger who on one occasion ran 150 miles in 30 hours to seek support from Sparta then ran 150 miles back to advise their rejection.  He was not a “Spartan” but maybe he was the first Ultra runner – an old time Oxfammer.

In 1879 the English poet Robert Browning wrote a poem “Pheidippides” which has led to the interpretation.  There is no authenticated story of a messenger running from Marathon to Athens although it is reasonable to suggest messengers did so on occasions.

The first Olympic Marathon
The first Olympic Marathon won by Greek water carrier Spiridon Louis was approximately 25 miles (40k).  Australian Edwin Flack competed, and in fact led the race until passed by Louis at the 21 mile mark.  Louis ran a “sub 3” in a time of 2:58:50.  Some of our runners can now brag that you have run a marathon under an Olympic record time.

We all wish the distance was still 40k – it was the English that changed the distance to suit their London Olympics in 1908 after Rome “lost” the right to host due to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.  The course was from Windsor Castle to the stadium at White City – a course of 26 miles followed by 385 yards around the track.  Every official Marathon is now 26 miles & 385 yards, or as we know it 42.195 km.

Women in the Marathon
In the 1967 Boston Marathon, Katherine Switzer ran the “male only” event in a full tracksuit to hide her sex and was grabbed while running by the organiser Jock Semple.  Switzer was expelled from the Amateur Athletic Union for “running with men”.  Women officially joined Boston in 1972 and first ran at the Olympics in LA 1984.  Today almost half of all Marathoners are women.  This is evident at our club too (39 males, 18 females), but we don’t grab them – generally because we can’t catch them.

Clare Bowker wins her age group – 1990

World Records
Paula Radcliffe (GBR) 2:15:25 London 13/4/03
Paul Tergat (KEN) 2:04:55 Berlin  28/9/03

Australian Records
Lisa Ondieki  2:23:51 Osaka  31/1/88
Rob de Castella  2:07:51 Boston  21/4/86

What year and how many faces can your recognise?



# Melb


Best time

# Other


Alan Green

8 + 1 dnf




Heather White





1987 Veterans World Champs
Bob Edmond





Gerry Verdoorn





Denise Hearn





2 x GOR
Peter Forrest





Dave Black





Perth x 6
Bruce Edwards


96-97, 99,



Bob Sayers


90 99



Sri Chinmoy
Irene Taylor


81, 83, 91,
94, 01



2005 Vasteras Sweden (1st)
Anna D’Alberto





New York
Tornio, Italy
Sydney 2000
Michelle Tham





PB 1998 London Marathon
Peter Bignell





Kim Wright





Sydney 2000
Barry Boyd





Steve Harris





Dave Weedon


95, 2004



Kathy Souter





Mike Bower





Helen Stanley


1999, 2001, 03



Brisbane & Canberra
Gavin Morton


1993, 2004-05



Neil Woods


1990-91, 2004



Bret Butler





David Thorn





Sydney 2000
Sheila Guest





Halls Gap
Janita Keating





Gold Coast
John Signorini


1997 1999



Nicole Diamond


2002 2005



Isobel Bespalov





2nd in 2006 GOR
Bruce Rattenbury





Anthony Boulton





Sydney 2000
Lesley Bower





Andrew White





Marie Kavanagh


Will be 2006



5 x London
Bryan Ackerly


Will be 2006





Derek Clayton award for fastest marathon
Jeff Smith  2:37
Isobel Bespalov  3:02

Jim Stynes award for most consecutive
John Raskas, Dave Rolfe & Phil Kenington  13
Peter Vince       11 (current)

Steve Monaghetti award for longest span of marathons
Irene Taylor 24 years
John Raskas 23 years

Note that when Peter White completes this year then he will be 26 years and when John Raskas completes he will be 27 years.

Karen & Fran just 18 years ago and haven’t changed at all

Bill Stephens – A wet day through Port Melbourne


Greg on Gaff
Gaff once did a Melbourne Marathon on a 3 week training program.  I (Greg) ran with him for the first 16km’s or so then moved on.  From memory he still came in under 4hrs.  Later reports have Gaff semi conscious on the back seat of the bus looking quite distressed.

Best fun time on marathon was with Steve Kelly & Gaff.  We had a bloke latch onto us who thought we were going at a good pace and made the mistake of asking Gaff his thoughts on marathon racing.  Gaff responded there are only 2 rules to remember to complete a successful marathon.
1. Movement – Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot etc.
2. Breathing – Inhale exhale, inhale exhale.

On the same run we had a woman run with us for a while along past St.Kilda and Gaff as Gaff does started chatting.  After a while we began to pull away but before we left her Gaff asked if she’d put out on a first date.

Towards the end of a marathon Gaff and Steve Kelly were coming in together.  I had finished and was at the end waiting for them.  As they approached a good sized crowd with a few hundred metres to go Gaff lashed out at the crowd for not cheering enough.  He yelled at them that Kelly was a reformed alcoholic (not true) who had turned his life around to run this race and they should celebrate his achievement.  He had the crowd convinced and Kelly received their accolades accordingly.

Other stories
There have been many tough years.  The hot run of 2004 is a recent but well remembered run where the after run scene was similar to downtown Beirut.  Vincey and Mike were suffering as usual, and Denise and Kathy had similar difficulty.  The Doc was located under a tree not fully aware of his surroundings.  He had his sunnies on but they were at an interesting angle and had a lens missing – Pete was unaware of this until it was pointed out.  The trip home on the bus had sound effects and an unpleasant aroma.  Running a Marathon in 28 degrees is not easy.

Phil on Tony Shaw
I followed Tony Shaw up Beaconsfield Parade and into Kerford Road the year he ran in to the tree. He was veering all over the place about 20 metres in front of me but I couldn’t catch him! I called out to get him back away from the traffic and he turned 90 degrees and started running across the median strip, so I called back and he turned back, ran though the traffic and hit the tree.

Phil also led the KR “executive” of Jeff Smith, Tony Dineen, and Tommy Boyd, in 2002 in a modest time for them of 4:09.  They were wearing white “Sperm” suits.  They are humble men who avoid the limelight.

Steve Kelly on Leo
I considered Leo a good friend and often spoke to him during the week about all matters, but this was one instance where I thought that he just lost the plot.

Leo was always very proud of the fact that all runners who had competed in Melbourne Marathons for the Knox Roadrunners had completed the marathons, in other words no one had failed to complete a Melbourne Marathon. (Indeed a fine record in itself and for the club)

That was until maybe back in 1999 I believe, when a past member, Ian Clarke was doing it really tough to the point where he pulled out thus failing to complete the course and in doing so single-handedly destroyed the Knox Roadrunner fine and unique record in Melbourne Marathons.

Now Leo wasn’t having anyone destroy the club record.

Ian was a classy marathon and ultra marathon runner, with a PB of around 2hrs 30min. for a marathon.  When he finally arrived back with the group at the end of the marathon, and you can well imagine not feeling terribly well, Leo ripped into him about letting the club down and ruining the club record.  Not a word about Ian’s physical well being or his mental anguish.  Times were tough back then.

Steve Kelly on Gaff
The second story relates to Dave Gaffaney. (Strange about that and hard to believe I know).

I think it was the marathon in 1993, and Dave, Cammo and myself had stuck together throughout 6 months of hard training in the cold, wet windy wintry conditions.  We always ran together encouraging each other and listening to Dave’s stories that went forever but they also took our minds off the pain of running the long runs.

While it was tough we all bonded together into a really close threesome (maybe those words weren’t well chosen but you know what I mean).  Come race day Gaff was bouncing out of his skin, fit as I’ve ever seen him and ready to go. Now truth be known, Cammo and I knew that he was a better runner than both of us, so suggested to him that while we would go out at the start of the marathon together, he should maybe leave us at some stage and run a PB.

We had a plan to run a pace of 4m 36s throughout, by the 5k mark Gaff was on fire so we suggested he go and do his best, reluctantly he did this and left us in his wake with the Turbo fully open.

Cammo and I continued on at our predetermined race pace thru 10 and 15k, then at approx. the 17k mark at Parkdale on Beach Rd. shock, horror there up ahead in the distance was a dishevelled figure, shoulders slumped, smoke billowing from the turbo, shuffling in survival mode with that unmistakable shock of grey hair, it was Gaff!

We both looked at each other and yelled Gaff, to which his head slowly turned to reveal a face even greyer than the hair, all he muttered as we approached and overtook him was, “the turbo’s blown mate!”

We both continued on in silence as it was obvious Gaff’s race was over, about a further 1k down the road we again looked at each other, smiling just a bit then both exploded into laughter, followed by disappointment then sadness at Gaff’s demise.

We soldiered on until I succumbed to cramps and a little de-hydration at around the 39k mark.  Cammo went on to finish in 3h 18 m.  I finished in 3h 22m and Gaff finally finished in 4h plus. When he did finish his face was as grey as a 4 day old corpse, he lay in the back of the bus all the way back to the clubrooms, with regular checks to see he was still with us.  From memory I don’t recall him joining in the post marathon festivities that year.

Seriously, the sight of someone walking at the 17k mark whilst funny now, was a sad moment etched into my mind forever, and something I used at times in subsequent marathons when I was feeling really good and looking to up the pace.

It was a great lesson learned, never mess with a marathon, should you do so, do it at your peril.

I commenced running in 1997 under the recommendations of a friend who wanted to return to running and who was looking for a jogging partner.  I never had any expectation of running distances.  Merely started jogging to the corner and then increasing the distance under her direction (she was a fitness instructor) until we entered a Sussan Classic.
Following the Classic my friend Nev was not going to let the grass grow under her feet, she urged me to train for the Melbourne Half Marathon, which I did in 2.01 and felt pretty hot and tired.  She looked pretty fresh, mind you she is a good 15 years younger than me.  Lo and behold after that effort she informs me that she wants to fulfil her dream of competing in a marathon and guess who she wanted to take along with her?  So that is how I got roped into running in the first instance and then training for a marathon.  The footnote to that first marathon is that she fell pregnant during the training and I felt obliged to continue seeing I had made the commitment!  That is why I ran the Canberra with her in 2004 – Canberra was a wonderful event emotionally – it had taken many years for Nevenka to get to that finish line, several miscarriages, much heartache, a baby and finally the marathon under her belt – she was ecstatic.  She was there for me when I finished the my first Melbourne Marathon, supporting me in my last struggling kilometres and sharing the joy of finishing.  I got to share her joy in Canberra – it was a much prettier sight than my first marathon!  (Oh but I forgot I have to share another important high in her life and that I was as a support person to the birth of her first baby.  So we have both seen each other at our best and worst!)

What’s said on the run… September 06

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September 06 – Edition 14

It is getting closer and the weekly miles are building in preparation for the major running event of the year for Knox Roadrunners – The Melbourne Marathon.

We have 21 starters for the 42k event this year and 9 starters for the 21k half marathon.It brings back memories for the veteran KRR members who can recall similar sized fields in the past.

These are the brave souls who will be fronting up in Social Teams for the club.As one or two can always fall by the wayside due to injury, illness or last minute commitments, feel free to call the Pres if you would also like to add your name (0419016286).

 Marathon  Half Marathon
 Issy Bespalov  Anna D’Alberto
 Denise Hearn  Helen Stanley
 Marie Kavanagh  Katherine Sharpe
 Peter Bignell  Greg Palmer
 Anthony Boulton  Sam Defanis
 Bruce Rattenbury  Peter Forrest
 Milan Stanisic  Neil Woods
 John Signorini  Heather White
 John Raskas  David Thorn
 Nicole Diamond  
 Mike Bower  
 Bret Butler  
 David Rolfe  
 Kathy Powell  
 Peter White  
 Grant Scurry  
 Steve Gilbert  
 Kathy Souter  
 Kim Wright  
 Sarah Hortin  
 Derek Dawkins  











The Spartan Run
Saturday 30 September – the week before the Melbourne Marathon will be HUGE at the club. We will celebrate all of the great marathon achievements by Roadrunners over the history of the marathon. Come down for a nice little 14k run and join in the celebration.  If you are not running at the moment, come anyway. Wear your Spartan singlet or marathon t-shirt

  • Bring your medals
  • Bring your marathon books
  • Bring your photos
  • Bring your stories

And meet:

  • Some Melbourne Marathon celebrities


  • Breakfast
  • Hearing of the remarkable achievements of some of our Roadrunners present & past

If you have ever run a Melbourne Marathon this morning is all about you. We have 17 Spartans who are present and past KRR members, as well as more than 50 who have run the event.

Original KRR Tracksuits @ Melbourne Marathon
Original KRR Tracksuits @ Melbourne Marathon

City to Surf
The weekend started at Cockle Bay wharf for lunch on the Saturday.  Sunshine, salad and coffee.  A ferry ride around the harbour and under the bridge was had by many.

Dinner at Amo Roma in The Rocks was excellent with 23 in attendance on one very long table.  This is where the weekend theme began.  The maitre d’ was a young Hungarian lady named Christina.  A pleasant query from Mike was “could we get some drinks pre dinner?”  The firm response was “NOT YET!”.

It was a night of Eastern European precision.  A great start.  In the room with us was a singles group organised by the personality deprived k’k’Ken.  Not too many pretty faces there.  Another highlight was the entrance of the girls from Bondi.  Anna danced in announcing that she had managed to negotiate a preferred start with the elites in the top 100 – wow!  Milan slumped in his chair.  Later whilst the cheesecake was being consumed Milan advised Anna that it might slow her race; she did not take another bite.  The scene was set.

Breakfast in the Presidential Suite was the way to begin Race Day.  The cork was staying in the bottle for now and the day was sensational.  From the suite, we had a “glimpse” of the bridge and Hyde Park.  The morning was cool and we all went to our various start points after obligatory team photos.  Mona started the race and it was it’s usual exciting self.  The Double Bay band had moved on from last years Beatles and was doing AC/DC.  Greenie zoomed past at the top of the Hill; in fact everyone zoomed past at some stage of the run.

Some great results by the rookies including Pete B, Bruce R, John & Glenda, Nick and Neil.  The Pres was a bit distressed at the end and Mike was delighted to ensure the Pres made it to the first aid tent but disappointed he didn’t need the drip.  It was a 2 minute improvement on last year based on 3 weeks of flu leading in.  Fantastic run by Anna in 60 minutes – a 4 minute PB.  Also a PB to Heather.  This year the top 3 all ran 60 minutes.  After the run we found our way into the surf club deli for lunch to end the experience.

The afternoon was not the usual nap.  Beer and bubbly flowed all afternoon. Dinner was in Chinatown followed by fine wine and birthday cake for Lesley & Milan in the Presidential Suite with the bridge glimpse.

Monday was the traditional Mosman Meander.  It’s a rave run, especially good is the look on the faces at Mosman Bay wharf as we get off the ferry for a jog around the harbour while the “suits” grumble their way to town to service the million dollar mortgage.  Breakfast at Doppios ended the group activity then off to the airport in limos arranged by the Pres.

Brunch At Darling Harbour
Brunch at Darling Harbour

Marathon Registration
Marathon runners have now been advised of the Knox Roadrunners team you are placed in so that you can then register online. Registration is cheaper over the web:


Early Bird entries must be in by 5pm Friday 8 September. We will not send your entries in this year – you will do it over the web. If you need assistance to do this, see Mike Bower or Peter White ASAP.

Gav & Rolfie at the end of the 2005 Melb Marathon

What’s said on the run… May 06

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May 2006 – Edition 13 KRR Trivia night
Once again the club is running a Trivia Night on Saturday 3rd June 7.30pm – Midnight. The cost is a mere $10 per head with tables of 8-10.  Get together with a few other clever people and make up a table or simply call Neil or Bret or put your name on the list at the club and you can join another group. It will be held at the clubrooms and will be BYO food and drinks.  Just like on Saturday mornings tea and coffee are supplied. If it is anything like last year it should be a ripper night.  There are games and lucky prizes as well as prizes for the trivia champions.  If you have never been to a trivia night before or if you have tried one and been disappointed, you will find the KRR night fun and UNUSUAL. We are still looking for donations of prizes.  If you have something you can donate, bring it to the club on Saturday or bring it along on Saturday night.

Great Ocean Road Marathon
We had a number of successful runners in this unique event two weeks ago. The marathon is 45k and there is a half marathon of 23k. Issy Bespalov was second woman in the marathon and won her age group and Lesley Bower won her age group in the half.  It was a cool morning with some showers, but we had a glimpse of sunlight and a rainbow along the course between Lorne and Apollo Bay.

Half Marathon

Overall Name Time 21K Age Age Place
97 Michael Bower 1:42:04.0 1:33:41.7 M50-54 5
171 Peter White 1:48:02.0 1:38:41.7 M55-59 3
231 Anna D’Alberot 1:51:46.0 1:42:38.7 F45-49 4
292 Gavin Morton 1:56:10.0 1:46:55.2 M45-49 19
293 Peter Vince 1:56:14.0 1:46:57.7 M55-59 8
311 Kathy Souter 1:57:36.0 1:47:30.5 F45-49 6
348 Lesley Bower 1:59:14.0 1:48:59.1 F50-54 1
445 Gerry Verdoorn 2:08:13.0 1:57:02.3 F50-54 22


Overall Name Time 21K Age Age Place
18 Isobel Bespalov 3:17:10.0 3:02:48.2 F35-39 1
62 Peter Bignell 3:36:55.0 3:18:57.5 M50-54 4
67 Denise Heam 3:37:43.0 3:21:53.9 F40-44 2


Medal Podium


What’s said on the run… April 06

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April 2006 – Edition 12 Iribina Presentation
This year we made our major charity donation ($1,000) to Irabina. This is a local group who supports children with autism. They receive only limited government funding and were pleased to receive our cheque.
President Pete presenting the cheque to Andrew, a committee member at Irabina.

Smokey’s Run
The next Smokey Dawson run is on Saturday 13 May.  Don’t forget that the Smokey Runs are a 6.30 start.  It will start from: Yarra Bank Reserve Creswick Street Hawthorn (Melway 2H H6) We usually run about 15k with the Smokey guys and of course have our “big” bbq breakfast afterwards.  As part of the tradition there will be a fine array of wines and Dr Guinness’ brew, as well as juice and coffee for those driving home after.

Oxfam – Our Team of Stars
Our Oxfam team this year of Denise Hearn, Anna D’Alberto, Kim Wright and Bret Butler faced an unexpected challenge when the course was closed as they arrived at the last checkpoint before climbing Mount Donna Buang.  This was due to bad weather.  After being sent away, they returned next morning to complete the last 11k.  They were officially classified at 15:54 hours.  This is a KRR record for a complete team. Interestingly this result gave them:

  • 16th team across the line out of 481 teams that started
  • 15th complete team of 4 runners
  • 7th Sporting Club team
  • 4th Over 40s age group team

And (tah dah!)

  • 2nd Mixed Team

Well done Bret and ladies.  Also the team thanks their crew and supporters!  A brilliant effort.

Puffing Billy
The next fun run coming up is: 7 May – Puffing Billy ~ a club teams run.  Bob or Dave will drive the bus with lunch back at the Bayswater Hotel after.  Entries must be returned to Gavin at the club by Saturday 22nd April. (Entry forms available at the club)  

Run for the Kids
What a sensational event.  20,000 runners, crossing Bolte Bridge, through the Domain Tunnel (not much air in there) and up through the city to the Royal Children’s Hospital. KRR did very well on our first effort in this run: The men’s team came in 3rd and the mixed team 14th.  The “Ferny Creek Mob” came second and that included Issy Bespalov, Pete Bignell, Tom Boyd and Tony Dineen.  The individual results were:

Tony Dineen – 55.56 * Milan Stanisic – 68.42
Richard Deamer – 60.15 * Dave Rolfe – 68.43
Issy Bespalov – 61.19 * Grant Scurry – 71.13
Pete Bignell – 61.25 * Neil Woods – 72.30
Sam Defanis – 64.07 Gavin Morton – 74.44
Mike Bower – 64.45 Lesley Bower – 76.24
Tom Boyd – 65.24 David Thorn – 79.07
Bruce Edwards – 66.15 Karen Cosson – 82.59
Gerry Verdoorn – 66.57 Heather White – 83.54
Peter White – 67.48 Dave Weedon – 95.04
Greg Palmer – 68.42 Fran Stone – 103.50

Some brilliant times.  Especially the top four finishers.  And some of our other runners were very impressed with their times.  We would like to know where Pete Bignell’s club singlet was!!  We nearly didn’t recognise him as he flashed past us.

Spartans Run
Many Knox Roadrunners are Spartans, having completed at least 10 Melbourne Marathons.  Unfortunately we don’t get to wear our Spartan singlets on the day as we wear our KRR singlet.  It is always nice to hear, “GO Knox” from the crowd. This year we will have the chance to show off our Spartans singlets and brag about our many great marathon feats on the last run before the marathon.  Our first Spartan’s Run will be on the running calendar for Saturday, 30 September.  We think that John Raskas may have the most Melbourne Marathons completed.  John has run 19.

Commonwealth Games Run
Our club run on Saturday 4 March was our Commonwealth Games run.  Knox Roadrunners dressed in the colours from countries of the Commonwealth as we trotted around the streets of Knox.  The “queen” presented medals and we enjoyed a pleasant breakfast after..
We are proud of our volunteers, Bob Sayers, Gavin Morton and Lesley Bower. Janita Keating and Anna D’Alberto also supported the games with their professional talents.

Stars of the KRR Commonwealth Games run


Bruce Edwards receives his medal from Her Majesty.
Pete Forrest is awarded his medal by Her Majesty.

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